Oh my god, I also have an online class, and I have no internet yet. GOD.

Like literally what am I going to do for the rest of the night without internet. Read. I’ll read.

Having to go to Starbucks to get wifi because my dorm walls are too thick. It’ll be a little bit until I get an Ethernet cable, so I’ll be off for awhile

It’s almost September, and they still haven’t put up all of the ticket options for BurCon

And then there’s Jared Padalecki


Stop for just a second. Imagine how it would be if Jensen and Misha were openly together. They would randomly crash panels where the other one is. They would make each other laugh a lot. They would hug and kiss and dance together on stage. They would blatantly flirt with each other. They would touch a lot. They would tease each other. They would use nicknames for each other. They would often get lost in their own little world, even if they are on a stage in front of many people. They would wear stuff like matching bracelets and perhaps give each other rings. They would mention each other often even if it made no sense. Their panels would basically be them showing off how happily in love they are.

Oh, wait.